Residency Interview Tips

Residency Interview Tips

Shikha Jain, MD

I created a tweetorial with a few residency interview tips. As we are in the thick of residency interview season, I have included them here. I hope you find them helpful! #medtwitter #ILookLikeADoctor #SoMeDocs #interviewing


  1. You are always interviewing. Even the dinners, in the bathroom, informal gatherings. Remember this.
  2. Get a feel for the people. Are the residents there now people you could see yourself working & socializing with?
  3. Ask the residents about mentorship. If you are interested in something (research, a clinical field, unique project) figure out if there are opportunities, and mentors.
  4. Ask about opportunities for rotations in things you are interested in and if they are encouraged.
  5. Ask residents if they feel they have help/support readily available. Whether it’s post call from other residents or the chiefs, or career guidance. Everyone takes call, the support from other docs at the same level and higher up speaks to the culture of the institution.
  6. Try to have fun and approach each visit with an open mind. This may be where you will be spending a LOT of your time in the near future so get a feel for the hospital, the community, the town.
  7. Explore the city/town (if you have time). You will spend time outside of the hospital so get a feel for the location. Could you see yourself there?
  8. If you are able, before or after your visit, try to connect with someone from the institution to see if there is anything specific you should ask/look for. #SoMeDocs may be a great way to find a connection!
  9. Good luck! This is an exciting time and you have worked hard to get to where you are! Remember, you deserve it, and #impostersyndrome affects almost everyone. Don’t let it control you. You are awesome! #TipsForNewDocs #meded #medtwitter @somedocs
  10. Remember, everything u put out on the internet, in #SoMe is there forever. Even if you are anonymous online, these things have a way of finding u. Please tweet, post, and share responsibly! Don’t put it online if you wouldn’t want your friend/coworker/family member to see it!


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I am a practicing, board-certified hematology/oncology physician in Chicago. I speak on topics ranging from the impact of social media on healthcare, how physicians can utilize social media, how to write Op-eds in the medical world, gender equity and barriers to career advancement, and topics in GI oncology and immunotherapy. My goal is to explain complicated topics in simple terms. I also enjoy writing and you can find some of my writing on this site. I am a mother to three amazing kids and married to a gastroenterologist. I look forward to connecting with you.

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