FOX32: Lollapalooza COVID-19 guidelines

On Fox 32 Chicago with the latest info from CDC, if you are attending Lollapalooza, let’s try to do our best to avoid it becoming a super spreader event.
Everyone should #WearAMask regardless of vaccination status in groups of people
If unvaccinated quarantine for 7 days post and get tested at the end of that period.
If vaccinated, get tested if you have any symptoms in the 14 days after.
Anyone attending should avoid seeing unvaccinated people or high risk individuals during the 2 weeks after the event.
This delta variant is highly contagious. Numbers in Illinois are going up fast, just like they are across the country. Being vaccinated helps protect you from getting very sick or hospitalized, but you can still get #COVID19 and spread it. Wearing a mask protects you and others around you from spreading this highly contagious variant.
#GetYourShot #wearamask

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