BizWomen: Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Learning to say ‘no’

The most competent women we know have faced microaggressions in the workplace and the response all too often is to work harder, take on more responsibility Dr. Shikha Jain is the founder of Women in Medicine® and assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Hematology and Oncology at the University of Illinois Cancer Center says it’s time to say “no.”

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About Shikha Jain, MD FACP

I am a practicing, board-certified hematology/oncology physician in Chicago. I speak on topics ranging from the impact of social media on healthcare, how physicians can utilize social media, how to write Op-eds in the medical world, gender equity and barriers to career advancement, and topics in GI oncology and immunotherapy. My goal is to explain complicated topics in simple terms. I also enjoy writing and you can find some of my writing on this site. I am a mother to three amazing kids and married to a gastroenterologist. I look forward to connecting with you.

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